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Brillstein Security - Intelligence, Surveillance & Investigation Wing



Brillstein Security is specialized in surveillance, intelligence and worldwide investigation, undercover, agent recruitment and agent handling, counter espionage and counter surveillance and data flow protection, IT protection, services as well as professional training n all the above mentioned areas. We conduct investigations worldwide and on all levels (private, corporate, financial investigations etc.) and cooperate with lawyers or supply our own lawyers to support your law suit, should this be the goal. All operators are highly skilled and very experienced ex-government agents plus many years of internal training and experience in the private security field. we also provide for top notch undercover operators.

We directly cooperate with the BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP and operate in all security fields such as private investigations, competitive intelligence or private military support operations likewise. If you'd like to make an inquiry, pls contact us any time!   

Our service overview here

Surveillance is the art of actively observing the most civilized creature on earth - man. Throughout the years, this art has progressed from the simple act of eavesdropping into a modern science requiring sophisticated methodology and practitioners. Skillfully conducting surveillance is an art. Experience, teamwork, knowledge of the area, and surveillance techniques are required to perform a successful surveillance.

We specialize in intelligence, counter-intelligence services, worldwide, undercover operation, private and corporate, civil and military. if you need high-class intelligence operators, please contact us any time.

The Brillstein Security Academy also offers a complete and comprehensive 20 months study course for Professional Intelligence Officer (PIO), a BSA-Bachelor's Program, and we WILL employ each successful graduate upon completion of the course. This complete course covers the complete skill set needed for professional surveillance, counter espionage, counter surveillance and much more.
The course is designed for security staff and law enforcement officers/ agents/ or military personnel assigned to undercover operations, investigators and person who want to obtain the skill set.. This course provides a comprehensive explanation of surveillance operations, counter-surveillance techniques and tactics. It is presented in a manner that allows the student to build an understanding based on the developmental detailing of surveillance concepts and their applications. During this course the student will identify appropriate principles and techniques for planning and conducting a successful foot, fixed, and mobile surveillance. Course content includes e.g.:

  • Types of surveillance

  • Who uses surveillance

  • The importance of dress, disguise, features, mannerisms, and demeanor as they relate to surveillance operations.

  • Basic techniques of a Foot Surveillance

  • Basic techniques of a Mobile Surveillance

  • Basic techniques of a Fixed Surveillance

  • Identify surveillance operator vulnerabilities

  • Counter-Surveillance Detection

  • Procedure for Lost-Contact drill

  • any type of intelligence operations

  • counter intelligence

  • Negotiation, Psy Ops