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International maritime piracy and terrorism today is just as common, as it was hundreds of years ago. It would be safe to assume, that it is even MORE widespread today, at least in certain waters such as around Arabia, Chinese Sea, around Africa and others. EUBSA supplies security services, counsel and training for shipping companies, insurances and private owners. We protect ships and yachts, conduct rescue missions and emergency extraction, our experts deal with kidnappers (negotiation and hostage rescue), our elite teams retrieve stolen ships and yachts, our investigators track down perpetrators, we train your staff and we conduct security audits and penetration tests to assure that your staff is trained to highest standards. Please find more info about our services on

www.travelsafe.eubsa.com and www.eubsa.com/ERT


There are literally ten thousands of merchant marine and other maritime vessels involved in worldwide trade and commerce and pleasure cruising. The ever-present threat of terrorism and naval piracy illustrates the need for the military, law enforcement, and private security sectors to be able to counter these threats. The most recent piracy attacks in the Gulf of Aden are but the tip of the iceberg. The threat at sea is ever present, from large cargo ships down to private yachts of all sizes, worldwide, even in resort and leisure ports in the Caribbean and  Mediterranean seas.

As of early 2009, the Brillstein Group and EUBSA are now also based at Mombasa, Kenya, with a number of new anti-piracy teams, consisting of ERT-M elements and local maritime security experts to provide fast and efficient service to our maritime clients, including on-board security and escort ships.

 The Brillstein Security Academy provides top-notch training and study course in the field of maritime security, anti piracy, ship port and cargo security, such as PASO or the new up-dated MOTT course - Maritime Operational and Tactical Training. Please visit our web site.